Strategy & Planning – Equilibrium

Maybe it’s because spring has sprung, or perhaps it’s just that my antenna is finely tuned to detect any type of work/life balance debate, but the word ‘equilibrium’ seems to be in vogue again. It’s not a new word, nor is it revolutionary, but it is one that gets my attention every time. The online dictionary defines it as ‘a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces’.


The challenges of trying to achieve a balance in one’s personal life are well documented, and I’m not going to attempt to crack that here. What I have been thinking about, however, is how this plays out in the workplace. Is it possible to achieve harmony when organisations are, by their very nature, complex, and there is a constant, healthy tension between what needs to be achieved and having the right resources to deliver?

When you throw into the mix an individual’s search for their own personal state of balance, it is no real surprise when corners get cut.

How many people are currently sitting at their desk wondering why they are working on something they’ve been asked to do, with no idea why it is relevant, how it relates to the strategy or what value it brings? I know I’ve been guilty of those thoughts.

Recognising this tension and equipping people with the right skills and key information to fulfil their role, as well as understanding the part they play in the bigger picture, will go some way to ensuring that all the moving parts are travelling towards a common goal.

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